Asif Qasim

Asif Qasim

Dr. Asif Qasim : The Founder of MedShr

MedShr is a part of, a website supported by the Department of Trade and Industry's Research and Development. Dr. Asif Qasim ( designed and developed his Internet-based application with the intention of assisting doctors to find helpful advice to care for the patients needing the most help, without affecting their considerable workloads. Connecting with each other, and sharing whatever is necessary to ensure better medical treatment, will help doctors substantially improve the way healthcare is delivered.

London's Improved Urgent Patient Care

Dr. Asif Qasim has worked vigorously to encourage higher standards of healthcare. This commitment is slowly but surely yielding results. Dr. Qasim has always been interested in urgent and critical medical care. He is the consultant heart specialist and is the Clinical Director at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust in south London. Promoting the cause of setting standards via follow-ups and regular assessments, Dr. Asif Qasim emphasises the importance of quality and safety every single day.

Meet Dr. Asif Qasim

Despite the significant responsibilities of occupying multiple administrative positions, Dr. Asif Qasim still assists patients who seek treatment for cardiovascular conditions of all types. The doctor's long-term vision is to revamp the healthcare system to advance the caliber of care provided to patients, especially in the interests of safety and efficacy. Dr. Qasim is a cardiologist in addition to being the Clinical Director of Croydon University Hospital, in South London. With a wealth of practical experience in cardiology and his keenness for advancing medical care, it's no surprise that Dr. Asif Qasim is highly regarded as a doctor.

Dr. Asif Qasim: His Background

The reasons are many for a doctor's competence in his field of specialisation. Dr. Asif Qasim started off his career in cardiology by studying at the University of Cambridge in the UK. After getting his PhD in Cardiovascular Biology he moved to Milan for a fellowship. Dr. Qasim transferred to the role of Lead Consultant Cardiologist in 2008 after beginning as a consultant cardiologist for Mayday and King’s College Hospitals. Dr. Asif Qasim became a member of the Mayday Hospital cardiology team in Croydon.


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Asif Qasim's blog

Not only could it help patients live longer, healthier lives, Dr. Asif Qasim (Découvrez la page web blogspot de Asif Qasim) believes that his...