Charles Rosier's Personal Website on Strikingly

Charles Rosier's Personal Website on Strikingly

Charles Rosier's Personal Website on Strikingly

Because of the investment made by him, the organisation was able to perform studies and give a percentage of their profit to charles rosier (Visitez la page strikingly sur Charles rosier) Because of the capital he invested, the study on depression, strokes and other serious illnesses was conducted at Mapreg, a Paris-based laboratory. Charles Rosier funded the drug project to help find a cure for strokes that can eventually lead to spinal cord injury.

Charles Rosier and His Career

Charles Rosier finally became a member of BTG Pactual in August 2010. He became partners with an investment bank in Latin America: BTG Pactual. The French-speaking markets of France, Belgium, as well as Quebec were managed by Charles Rosier when he worked at UBS Warburg. As an outstanding investment banker, he has remained in the industry for 15 years now.

Charles Rosier's Environmental Awareness Projects

Charles Rosier funded MPOWERD to develop other energy solutions such as lanterns. They then supplied such to over 25 poor countries worldwide. Charles Rosier has played a crucial role in promoting environmental awareness and has helped poor countries in developing energy and power sectors. Carbon dioxide emissions can pollute the air and Innoveox tries to minimise this through awareness campaigns regarding the effective usage of resources and pollution-free environment programmes.

Charles Rosier’s Experience

Charles Rosier became the Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, from 2009 to 2010. A leading investment bank that operates around the world is GMS (Goldman Sachs). He focused on public-asset management as their Managing Director. BTG Pactual is an investment bank based in Latin America, with whom Charles Rosier was a partner for years.

Charles Rosier: Educational Attainments

In 1991, Charles Rosier finished his secondary education at Paris’s Fenelon Sainte-Marie. He was able to establish his career right after obtaining a degree at ESCP Europe. Whilst pursuing his profession, he occupied many different positions, which transformed him into experienced banker. Charles Rosier spent two years of extra study in preparation for more French requirements.

Charles Rosier played a huge part in a Silver Lion-winning film in 2006 and he assisted a French artist in producing her debut album in 2012. He has a big love for music and culture. This shows in the way he supports movies and singers. Charles Rosier is involved in cultural and philanthropic activities. His support for a famous French singer and a Silver Lion-winning movie are proof of this statement. His support for a notable French female musician was a wonderful example of his passion for culture and music.

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